research1Never before have we lived in an age where there has been so much information so readily available to so many people. Unfortunately, a lot of this information is crap — especially much of the stuff found on the Internet. Even more tragic is the fact that this is the default source of information for most college students, because it’s the most convenient.

Well, the most convenient source of information is not necessarily the best source of information. You can learn how to find and more importantly evaluate different information sources by checking out the resources that the University of Detroit Mercy Libraries have thoughtfully set up for you. Not only will you learn how to tell a bad online source from a more trustworthy online source — you might actually realize that sometimes the exact information you’re looking for is in a book!

I also highly recommend consulting with one of UDM’s highly qualified reference librarians, who are worth their weight in gold. I love reference librarians so much I married one!

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